Montag, 19. März 2018

SISA Speakers

SISA speakers for first archaeological summer school in Swiss Alps have been confirmed!

Invited speakers

Prof. Philippe Della Casa (Zurich), Archaeologist
Survey & methods; chaîne opératoire

Prof. Albert Hafner (Bern), Archaeologist
Alpine climate; prehistoric routes and mountain passes

Prof. Gert Goldenberg (Innsbruck)Mineralogist & Archaeologist
use of geo-resources in alpine prehistory with special consideration of copper ore deposits

Dr. Thomas Reitmaier (Chur), Archaeologist
 prehistoric alpine pasture; cultural heritage (Grisons)

Dr. Stefan Heuberger & Donat Fulda (Zurich), Geologists
Geology of the Oberhalbstein Valley

Dr. Rouven Turck (Zurich), Archaeologist
Prehistoric copper mining and smelting (features)

Leandra Reitmaier (Zurich), Archaeologist 
Prehistoric copper smelting; slag technology

Mirco Brunner (Bern), Archaeologist
Bronze Age settlements in the Alps

Field work

Excursions will be organized by St. Heuberger/D. Fulda for geology and by R. Turck for local archaeological features. Field work (survey and excavations) will be performed by Ph. Della Casa and M. Brunner.

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